NFT  CryptoArt    by Blue Crimson

Pixel Kawaii Monsters

ドット絵 ドットモンスターズ

Pixel Kawaii Monsters #10  I am a Skeleton
Unlocked two types of files, full-scale files and enlarged files.
Pixel NFT: Pixel Monsters is a pixel art drawn with unique ideas and modeling.
If you like it, please buy it.
I will do my best to increase the value of this Pixel Monster
NFT, like EtherRock.
Some of the first works can be bought cheaply


With Unlock file
Ownership of this work is the purchaser.
Owners are free to use this work commercially.

Enjoy the mysterious, beautiful and intricate art space of Blue Crimson,
which can only be drawn digitally.

All works by Blue Crimson are
international copyright protection by the NFT.

Copyright: Blue Crimson

On the homepage, I put an extra blank sheet in the video for safety,
but the file format in NFT is gif, there is no blank sheet part


You are free to introduce your work to your homepage, etc.,
but only the purchaser who owns the work can use it commercially.
Ownership buyers can use it for all kinds of goods
and promotions, such as T-shirts, cups, and the top page of online shops.


 Pixel Kawaii Monsters #10  I am a skeleton
 Blue Crimson  

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