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Lucy Cat NFT


Lucky Cat is a famous Japanese lucky charm.
Lucky cats are called "beckoning cats" and are said to bring happiness, joy, gold, chance,
and luck to those who hold them.

The beckoning cat is holding a koban, an old Japanese coin.
It has "sen-man-ryou" written on it, which is enough money to buy the entire earth.
It is a symbol of riches. Now, you can get your hands on one of these lucky cats!
You can buy it now at a discount.

menekineko#1 crystalgold

menekineko crystal #2

menekineko #3 crystalruby

menekineko #4 crystalgold & silver

manekineko #5 opal

manekineko #6 Rose quartz cat pink

manekineko #7 hokusai

#8 manekineko gold&silver&diamond

manekineko #9 hokusai2

manekineko #10 fractal cat

OpenSea Blue Crimson    https://opensea.io/assets/bluecrimson


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