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 Giant Girl Project
Fairy tale nft

Giant Girl
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I hope you will find something new in my work. Please enjoy the world full of hope.
See the mysterious and beautiful NFTart space of Blue Crimson.
I hope you like it.
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Enjoy the mysterious, beautiful and intricate art space of Blue Crimson.
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Fairy tale
To a happy fairy tale country

Giant Girl in Ukraine
The 21st Century Goddess of Freedom and Justice

4400×2779pixel 400dpi   NFT
#GiantGirl #UkraineForever #UkraineJustice #女神はウクライナに微笑む#拡散希望

I too will fight for freedom and justice.
You are our hope, our Goddess of victory.

Giant Girl 1

Giant Girl 2

Giant Girl 3 Special version Gold plate

Giant Girl 4  Hi !

Giant Girl 5 Kyoto

Giant Girl 6 in Kyoto
20item polygon

Giant Girl 7 in Kyoto    Mosaic specifications モザイク仕様版

Giant Girl 8  I love you    ノイズ加工 noise
Giant Girl 10 Welcome to Kyoto

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Giant Girl     

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